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Corns, Calluses and Warts. What’s the Difference?

Calluses or corns are often confused with warts. Besides different causes, warts and calluses/corns can be distinguished by the pain sensitivity of these conditions. Warts are painful when pinched, whereas calluses/corns can be painful with direct pressure.


Calluses, corns, and warts also have different appearances. Similar to corn, a callus is a hard, thick patch of skin. A callous may look yellow and feel bumpy, while a corn may appear to be a yellow ring with a gray centre. Warts may look similar to corn, but they have dark specks in the middle, and are caused by a virus.


Custom orthotic devices are often used in treating painful calluses that recur due to an abnormal gait.

Painless Removal of Warts

Remove warts without leaving marks or scars.

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